Equipment ID: 1-518

30 ft Articulating Boom Lift Electric Narrow

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Equipment Overview

A 30 ft articulating boom lift is designed to give the operator unobstructed access to locations that are otherwise difficult to reach. Its boom can extend up, out and over many obstacles. This makes the 30 ft articulating boom lift an excellent options for construction workers, steel erectors or any contractor who deals in heavy-duty construction work. It provides exceptional stability, which is required for working on an aerial platform at extended heights. One of the main features of a 30 ft articulating boom lift is its multi-join boom arm, which provides 30 feet of outreach mobility. It is an ideal option for small to medium sized construction tasks.

  • Has an articulating reach mobility of 30 feet
  • Provides excellent stability when extending or detracting the platform
  • A great option for outdoor construction jobs


JLG E300Genie Z-30
Platform Height30 ft30 ft
Horizontal Reach20 ft20 ft
Up and Over Clearance13 ft 2 in12 ft 8 in
Platform Capacity500 lb500 lb
Weight15,060 lb14,183 lb
Max Drive Speed4.5 mph3.0 mph
Platform Size30 x 48 in30 x 46 in
Overall Width4 ft3 ft 11 in
Wheelbase5 ft 5 in5ft 2 in
Stowed Height6 ft 7 in6 ft 6.5 in
Stowed Length18 ft 2 in16 ft 9 in
Ground Clearance4 in3.5 in