Equipment ID: 1-937

30000 lbs Heavy Duty Forklift Pneumatic Tire

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Equipment Overview

The 30,000 lb pneumatic tire heavy duty forklift comes equipped with heavy-duty lifting arms and pneumatic tires which are specially designed to deliver superior durability and traction. This makes the forklift excellent for moving heavy materials on bumpy or uneven terrain. Since the 30,000 lb pneumatic tire heavy duty forklift is able to smoothly navigate outdoor terrain, it is often used on construction sites and lumber yards, in addition to indoor worksites such as factories or warehouse facilities. The main task of this large-frame forklift is to load and unload heavy pallet materials or large crates from delivery trucks. It excels at industrial, factory storage and warehouse jobs.

  • Features heavy-duty forklift arms
  • Its pneumatic tires provide stability on rough outdoor terrain
  • Utilized for long-term construction and worksite projects