Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

  • Theme parks and amusement parks are nearly always under construction. As soon as one project is completed, the next one begins in a never-ending race to keep visitors engaged and entertained. The rapid pace of advancement in the theme park industry requires a significant investment in materials and labor.

    Investing in the construction equipment necessary to keep up with this rigorous schedule of expansion would incur massive expenses for any theme park. The park needs earthmoving equipment to prepare the land, carry deck cranes to construct the rides, and boom lifts to get up and handle details. Budget Equipment offers equipment rentals you need to keep your theme park’s projects moving forward.

Rent Equipment for Your Next Amusement Parks and Theme Parks Project

  • Boom Lift
  • Scissor Lift
  • Forklift & Material Handling
  • Mini Excavator

The Evolution of Amusement Park and Theme Park Construction Services

Theme parks and amusement parks have taken many forms over the years. Amusement parks were once comprised primarily of picnic areas and gardens. Over time, they evolved to contain more complex rides, shows, shopping, dining, and other delights. Lake Compounce in Connecticut is the oldest amusement park in the United States, operating continuously since 1846.

When Walt Disney opened Disneyland in California in 1955, he redefined the American amusement park, creating an immersive escape with several themed lands. This gave rise to the theme park as an entertainment area that features several distinct sections with different appearances. To create these immersive spaces, theme park construction moved far beyond building rides and roller coasters and expanded to include crafting elaborate environments for these attractions.

Today’s theme park and amusement park industry is rapidly growing. The market is expected to reach a worth of $70.83 billion in 2025. Constant evolution is necessary for theme parks and amusement parks to remain relevant. Guests are always looking for something new, and top destinations must provide.

This is not an industry in which you incur one-time construction costs, followed by routine upkeep and maintenance. With theme parks, there’s almost always something new in the works. Just consider Walt Disney World. In 2019 alone, it will be rolling out Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and the Disney Skyliner transportation system. These massive construction projects help to continually bring new life to the theme parks, which is part of what keeps them among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Maintenance of Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Maintenance of amusement parks and theme parks is an ongoing task. Rides require careful inspections every day for safety and functionality. While theme park rides are statistically very safe, they are also extremely dangerous when not cared for properly. Each year, about 7,000 people go to emergency rooms for injuries that occurred at theme parks. Many of these are preventable circumstances where regular maintenance would have made a difference.

Keeping up with theme park maintenance often requires specialized equipment. Boom lifts make it possible to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to maintenance personnel. Scissor lifts are another essential piece of equipment to boost workers up to necessary heights. Rough terrain scissor lifts further enhance the functionality of this equipment, offering support in outdoor areas around the perimeter of roller coasters and other rides that may extend over uneven terrain.

Planning for Megaparks, Waterparks, and More

As the theme park industry grows, it will demand increasingly creative features to keep visitors entertained. After soaring alongside Harry Potter or venturing into the land of Avatar, it’s difficult to get the same thrill from an ordinary roller coaster. With Walt Disney World and Universal Studios setting the bar high, any new amusement park must innovate to keep up.

Companies building and planning megaparks or waterparks will need access to a well-rounded fleet of specialized equipment to tackle associated construction jobs like constructing water slides or digging pools. Backhoes, bulldozers, and other types of earthmoving equipment can clear the way for new rides, while compaction equipment smooths the ground and sets the stage for the next big attraction. Equipment rentals make it easier to move smoothly from one stage of construction to the next and to simply cancel each rental when it’s no longer needed.

Amusement Park and Theme Park Solutions

Amusement parks and theme parks have a big job, keeping up with the proper rules and regulations to address any potential safety concerns on-site. The American Society for Testing and Materials sets amusement park standards for design, testing, manufacturing, operation, inspections, maintenance, and quality assurance. Budget Equipment offers the equipment rentals needed to keep up with the maintenance and construction regulations in place in this industry. Affordable rentals offer fast access to essential equipment for any project.

When theme park attractions need maintenance or repairs, it needs to happen fast. Lengthy downtimes can spell disaster for guest satisfaction. If wait times are notoriously long and popular rides are unavailable, ride attendance will drop. Keep up with the demands of the entertainment industry with reliable construction equipment that will streamline critical jobs. Use Budget Equipment to help you handle the challenges this industry presents.