Caterpillar 973 LGP Crawler Loader

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Model: 973 LGP (See all Caterpillar 973 LGP for sale)


Clearance at Full Height and Dump

11 ft

Ground Clearance

1.5 ft

Height - Top of Cab

11.3 ft

Length with Bucket on Ground

23.4 ft

Reach at Dump Height

4.4 ft

Width to Outside of Tracks

9.1 ft



640.8 cu in

Engine Model


Net Power

210 hp (157 kw)

Hydraulic System

Dump Time

1.4 seconds

Lower Time

2.6 seconds

Raise Time

7.4 seconds

Operating Specifications

Breakout Force Bucket

47981 lbs

Bucket Capacity - heaped

3.7 cu yd

Bucket Capacity - struck

Bucket Capacity - struck

Fuel Capacity

94.1 gal

Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity

15.9 gal

Max Speed

6.5 mph (10 kph)

Operating Weight

56292.9 lbs

Static Tipping Load

37011.3 lbs


Ground Contact Area

6107.1 cu in

Ground Pressure

9.2 psi

Length of Track on Ground

9.6 ft

Number of Track Rollers per Side


Track Gauge

81.9 in

Track Shoe Width

26.6 in