Equipment ID: 1-1020

100 kW / 125 kVA Towable Diesel Generator

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Equipment Overview

A 100 kW / 125 kVA diesel generator is designed to provide dependable electricity in remote locations. Equipped with 100 kW / 125 kVA of output capacity, this generator can support the needs of offices, restaurants and any environments which operates a large number of appliances including computers, lighting systems and fans. In addition, this diesel general is excellent for powering AC units. This generator operates at 66 dB(A) at 23 ft., comes with a fuel tank capacity of 169 gallons (640 L), and has dimensions of 120 x 49 x 73 inches. The majority of our generators will turn on and off without any lag time, which makes them essential as backup power supplies. Also, you can easily transport the generator via a trailer mount, making it easily towable.

  • Large 169 gal (640 L) fuel tank capacity
  • Sound level of 66 dB(A) at 23 ft.
  • Able to be mounted on a trailer and transported to convenient locations