Equipment ID: 1-1256

70-79 hp Bulldozer

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Equipment Overview

The 70–79 horsepower (hp) bulldozer is a great earthmoving asset for construction and maintenance teams. Equipped with a dozer

Excellent for earthmoving, construction and maintenance jobs the 70–79 horsepower (hp) bulldozer is equipped with a dozer blade for land clearing jobs. Its heavy-duty tracks allow it to navigate difficult terrain with ease. The 70–79 horsepower bulldozer excels at leveling out and grading large areas of soil, dirt or fill for maintenance and construction jobs. This bulldozer is also ideal for cleaning rubble and debris from demolition sites, in addition to plowing snow or clearing heavy asphalt materials from roads.

  • Able to navigate difficult and uneven surfaces
  • Heavy-duty dozer blade clears earth and materials with ease
  • Operates between 70 and 79 horsepower