Equipment ID: 1-1266

90-99 hp Bulldozer

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Equipment Overview

Ideal for a wide range of maintenance and earthmoving jobs, the 90–99 horsepower bulldozer features a blade which is capable of moving various types of debris, soil, dirt, gravel and rubble. It is mounted on heavy-duty tracks designed for navigating difficult surfaces. If you need to move heavy mounds of soil, dirt or gravel then the 90–99 horsepower bulldozer is absolutely essential. This dozer is commonly used for foundation, landscaping and construction jobs. It is also an ideal piece of equipment for cleaning debris and unwanted materials from various worksites, such as demolition zones.

  • Equipped with a heavy-duty dozer blade
  • Tracks able to easily navigate rough terrain
  •  Between 90 and 99 horsepower