Equipment ID: 1-996

20 kW / 25 kVA Towable Diesel Generator

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Equipment Overview

Ideal for supplying dependable electrical output, the 20 kW / 25 kVA diesel generator excels in convenience and versatility for providing electricity in remote worksites. The generator is mounted on a trailer and can be easily towed, allowing exceptional portability to remote locations. It has a sound level of 62 dB(A), a fuel tank capacity of 50 gallons (190 Liters) and dimensions of 67 x 28 x 50 inches. This generator is a dependable backup power source for any situation where your main electrical capacity is cut off, or in locations where power is limited.

  • Fuel tank capacity of 50 gal (190 L)
  • Easily portable and towable by trailer
  • Has a sound level of 62 dB(A)