Equipment ID: 1-1284

140-149 hp Bulldozer

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Equipment Overview

A 140 -149 hp bulldozer is commonly used for moving large quantities of gravel, dirt, rubble and other heavy materials across jobsites. This bulldozer boasts size and power, making it ideal for digging and excavating worksites and construction projects which require the movement of various materials. Its tracked tires allow the 140 -149 hp bulldozer to move throughout uneven terrain without the risk of sinking. Whether you are operating a large or small project, the heavy-duty blade on this bulldozer will provide the prevision you require to relocate a wide range of materials.

  • Ideal for grading, leveling and pushing materials across rough terrain
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty dozer blade
  • Tracked tires help to prevent slipping and sinking