Equipment ID: 1-975

100000-140000 lbs Extendable Counterweight Forklift

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Equipment Overview

Offering an exceptional combination of safety and flexibility, the 100,000-140,000 lbs extendable counterweight forklift is able to transport substantial payloads. Because this forklift features an extendable counterweight frame, it provides maximum stability, extended load centers in addition to superior maneuverability in confined locations. Its counterweight ensures safety by preventing the forklift from tipping over and potentially harming the driver. Even at maximum capacity, it maintains stability.

  • Increased reach due to its extended load centers
  • Counterweights ensure enhances safety for the operator
  • Transports between 100,000 and 140,000 lbs of materials

Versa-Lift models:
Versa-Lift 100/140