Equipment ID: 1-957

60000-80000 lbs Extendable Counterweight Forklift

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Equipment Overview

Ideal for transporting heavy payloads while still maintaining safety, the 60,000-80,000 lbs extendable counterweight forklift provides proper weight distribution and stability. This ensures that the operator is able to move capacity payloads without the risk of tipping over. Equipped with an extendable counterweight attached to its frame, this forklift is extremely versatile and is capable of providing extended load centers even while at full capacity. In addition, the 60,000-80,000 lbs extendable counterweight forklift is compact, allowing it to maneuver even in tight locations.

  • Provides a safe working environment for operators
  • Greater range due to its extended load centers
  • Lifts between 60,000 and 80,000 lbs of materials

Versa-Lift models:
Versa-Lift 60/80
Toyota High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase rigging forklift models:
Toyota THDA60/80
Hoist Material Handling FR Series extendable counterweight lift trucks:
Hoist FR 60/80