Equipment ID: 1-971

100000 lbs Heavy Duty Forklift Cushion Tire

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Equipment Overview

If your workforce needs to transport extremely heavy loads across indoor, smooth floored locations, then the 100,000 lbs cushion tire heavy duty forklift would be an ideal choice. Its high-capacity lifts can raise loads to greater heights than a standard warehouse lift. In addition, it is equipped with cushion tires, which allows the operator a tighter turning radius than pneumatic tires and enables them to maneuver around tight spaces with precision and ease. The 100,000 lbs cushion tire heavy duty forklift is able to operate effectively in both indoor and outdoor smooth-floor settings, such as loading docks.

  • Accurate control and steering
  • Designed for smooth floors and indoor worksites
  • Lifts up to 100,000 lbs