Equipment ID: 1-967

90000 lbs Heavy Duty Forklift Cushion Tire

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Equipment Overview

The 90,000 lbs cushion tire heavy duty forklift is specially designed to lift large, heavy loads across indoor paved floor settings. Its cushioned tires permit this forklift to turn in tight areas and at a smaller radius than those with pneumatic tires, which makes it ideal for operators to maneuver through narrow aisles and congested areas. This 90,000 lbs cushion tire heavy duty forklift is best suited for transporting materials across indoor, smooth floored locations such as loading docks. Its arms are capable of lifting up to 90,000 lbs to higher positions than standard forklifts

  • Able to easily navigate smooth indoor floors
  • Excellent steering and control in narrow locations
  • Lifts up to 90,000 lbs