Equipment ID: 1-836

40 ft Rough Terrain Scissor Lift 4WD

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Equipment Overview

Designed to support several workers on its large platform, the 40 ft wide electric scissor lift is ideal for a wide range of elevated jobs. The scissor lift is supported by bar-style struts which interlock when they elevate in a vertical direction. This in turn increases latitudinal stability so occupants can work safely for extended periods of time. Because this electric scissor lift has an impressive 40 ft vertical reach, it is frequently used on construction sites for both indoor and outdoor maintenance jobs. This scissor lift is great for high level bricklaying, ceiling repairs, light fixture work and even mural paintings on elevated ceilings.

  • Supports multiple workers on an aerial lift
  • Can lift a crew up to 40 feet vertically
  • Great for indoor jobs due to its electric engine